Southwest Vision Center is committed to providing comprehensive eye care, and the highest standard  of patient care possible.  Please click on each of the services below to learn more.

  1. AUTOMATED PERIMETER - Screening of Visual Fields

    This instrument tests the function of your optic nerve by measuring your peripheral vision.  Your optic nerve carries electrical messages from your retina to you brain.  Results from this test can show the presence of diabetes, high  blood pressure,  glaucoma, or even a brain tumor.  This test should be run every year since those conditions can  develop at any age and at any time.
  2. AUTOMATED REFRACTOR - Measurement of Refractive Error

    This instrument has a computerized laser which projects an image onto your retina in three different zones and estimates your prescription.
  3. TONOPEN - ICare

    TanometerYour eyes produce and drain fluid 24 hours per day.  This fluid nourishes the inner structures of the eye.  There is a delicate balance between the production and drainage which is called intraocular pressure, or IOP.  Elevated IOP can cause damage to the sensitive nerve tissue in the eye.  This condition is called glaucoma which leads to blindness.  It is paramount to measure this value annually since this disease has no symptoms.
  4. DIGITAL RETINAL SCREENING - Internal Photos of the Eye

    This instrument creates a high resolution Digital Retinal Screening.  This new method of examining, documenting, and tracking retinal findings, is often without the use of dilation eye drops.  It is more detailed and accurate than conventional hand drawn documentation.  This should be done annually, since ocular health can change at any time, and often without symptoms.  This differences between a conventional dilated exam and a Digital Retinal Screening exam are as follows:

    Dilated Exam:

    • Conventional hand drawn documentation.
    • Patient can not see the retina.
    • Blurred vision and light sensitive for hours.

    Digital Retinal Screening Exam:

    • Vision unaffected.
    • Permanent documentation of eye diseases, and established baseline images for comparison.
    • Both patient and doctor can view images.

  5. MEDICAL EXAMINATION - by Dr. Contaldi

    Dr. Mario Contaldi will provide you with an internal as well as external examination of your eyes.  He will also provide you with an eye glass prescription if applicable.